7th Africa Water Week

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25 Nov Sub Theme 3

1. Hybrid Approach to Water Legislation in Africa Hybrid Approach to Water Legislation in Africa - Barbara Schreiner Establishing hybrid water rights systems for Africa - Barbara Schreiner, Barbara van Koppen 2. Integrating Gender Equality and Female Empowerment in IWRM Integrating Gender Equality and Female... READ MORE
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25 Nov Sub Theme 2

1. Approaches to safely managed sanitation Learnings from Uganda: Multi-stakeholder approaches to safely managed sanitation in urban contexts, focus on FSM - GIZ 2. AFDB Opportunities for developing Sanitation sector Africa Urban Sanitation Investment Fund Programme (AUSIF) Presentation 3. AfWA Boosting Access to Sanitation Boosting... READ MORE
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25 Nov Sub Theme 1

1. Towards an Africa Water Investment Programme Africa Water Investment Programme (AIP) and AIP support to PIDA Water (2019-2024) NEPAD / Africa Water Investment Programme (AIP) Support to PIDA Water* (2019-2024) TISA – Transforming Irrigation Into in Southern Africa 2. AfDB High Five and Water... READ MORE
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